Saturday, April 21, 2012

Factors in Food Preparation

On my first day in culinary. I was so excited to learn new techniques and recipes to cook. In my ordinary day, I always watch the food network channel and get a chance to see the demonstration on how to be a good chef. We all know that in culinary arts it is the art of preparation of foods. Let me discuss first the factors involve in food preparation.. In culinary, planning is the number one, in terms of preparation of foods, thinking how many people can u facilitate so that you can estimate the food, measurement will be the next one, measurement involves the number of people together with the food if it can be enough to support the guest or the visitors. The time element will the the third one, when we prepare the food we should estimate, when it prepare and what time can be it serve. Time is important to result better preparation, so that you can serve it on time. The quality of food will be the number four, the compliment and satisfaction of people is very important, it shows the people enjoy eating the food and fulfilled their appetite satisfaction. The tools and equipment will be the next, when you are connected in catering services you should have many equipment that can be use in food preparation. and the last one is the working condition, the people around you will help you a lot, when you are in catering services, the manager, cook, and the waiter should have good relationship, so that they can work together as a team to have a successful catering services.

All these factors are essentials in food preparations...take all of these essentials and i'll bet your food preparation will be a success.

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